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Programs : Brochure

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  • Locations: London, United Kingdom
  • Program Terms: Summer
  • Program Sponsor: CCSA- Cooperative Center for Study Abroad 
Program Description:

Program Details:

Program Base Price: $2,805
Estimated Airfare: $1,550 - $1,750
Dates: July 8 – 23, 2017
Scholarships: Yes (see scholarships page)


Program Description:

Earn 3 credit hours in London during CCSA’s two-week mid-summer program. You will reside in en-suite accommodation at Moonraker Point in the exciting Southwark area of London, while studying with faculty and students from other CCSA member schools at the University of London King’s College Waterloo Campus. Scheduled field trips and personal exploration time enable you to see London up close.

The two-week program offers a wide selection of courses to meet your academic needs. This program overlaps the first 2 weeks of the month-long London Summer Program so you can explore the city with students from many CCSA schools.


More Info:

The price of this CCSA program includes:
  • accommodations in en-suite single rooms in an apartment-style setting
  • London Travelcard with unlimited local transport (underground zones 1-2, bus zones 1-6)
  • health and emergency evacuation insurance
  • most program excursions, course-related activities and entrances
  • pre-loaded meal card for Waterloo Campus on class days


A GROUP TRAVEL OPTION through CCSA is available at additional cost and includes:

  • Round trip air transportation from one of CCSA’s designated US departure cities.
  • Round trip ground transportation between the destination/departure airport(s) and the accommodation sites.
Travel with friends and other participants on this program as a group all the way to your destination! If this is your first time abroad (or even flying!) we highly recommend you travel as part of the group. Round-trip air transportation from cities other than CCSA-designated airports MAY be considered on a case-by-case basis at an additional cost.


Course(s) Offered:


Cathedrals, Castles, and Crumpets: Examining British Architecture

British architecture is the merging of many art forms into a single work. Each structure is a monument to the past and the future. Studying past forms helps us understand how people progressed over the centuries, while today's architecture helps us explore the possibilities for the future. London is teeming with traditional and contemporary designs that can be studied through the art and architecture lenses. Students will be exploring, analyzing, photographing, journaling about, and drawing some of London's oldest historic structures, like Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral, as well as the city's tallest skyscraper, the Shard.


British Contributions to Science and Medicine

The history behind science's greatest discoveries is one of intrigue and excitement. As we visit museums, laboratories, hospitals, breweries and crime scenes, we will rediscover this science together. This class will cover the discovery of the elements, penicillin, brewing, and other scientific significant discoveries as time allows. Through these experiences and our own unique perspectives, we will understand the implications of science in modern times and in our everyday lives. There's no better way to make chemistry come alive than to rediscover the locations where the scientific break-through actually occurred!

Prerequisite: One semester of any Chemistry course and one semester of any Biology course.


Intercultural Communication

We live and work in a world in which everything is connected by media, business, social and political issues, ecological concerns, and humanitarian issues. The success or failure of our interaction often depends on our intercultural communication skills. How do we manage differences in language, perception, and nonverbal communication? Develop your own intercultural communication skills by experiencing intercultural communication in London. Learn how culture and communication are intertwined by immersing yourself in London's people, history, art, neighborhoods, sports, and media. Our text will be London itself, including visits to Chinatown, the British Museum, National Gallery, and cultural spots.

Prerequisite: One semester of English composition.


Cultural Comparisons of British and American Sport

Sports are an integral part of society. They are significant to the identity of many people beyond elite athletes. This class will examine sports in Great Britain and their community impact compared to the role of sports in the United States. Come to London and visit the world's stage for the 2012 Olympic Games and home of the Championships at Wimbledon, as well as other significant sporting sites such as the World Rugby Museum and a Premier League football club. And, consider how communication shapes the experiences of sport and transacts our cultural values.


Zombies in the UK!

Zombies! The mere word elicits fear. But the living dead have much to teach us if we're willing to learn. The last decade has seen a major increase in the interest in zombies in England, where several significant zombie films and novels are set. By looking at films like 28 Days Later and reading novels like M.R. Carey's The Girl with All the Gifts, we will explore the history, significance and literary response to the zombie in Britain. We will discover why zombies fascinate us, why they terrify us and what this fascination says about British culture, society and Britons themselves.

Prerequisite: Lower division English course.


An Introduction to the British National Healthcare System

This course will examine first-hand the Human Services System in England. The United Kingdom utilizes a national health care system that has been in existence for more than sixty years providing opportunities and disadvantages when compared to our system in the United States. During this course site visits will be planned to facilitate a fundamental understanding of this system. We will be out and about learning through observation and interaction about human services. Visited will be museums, the court system and human various service agencies. We will also meet with a British Social Worker. Bring your walking shoes!


London and the Thames: The Sociology of Water

London is a classroom that demonstrates how water affects society in complex and unexpected ways. In this class, students interested in sociology, history and environmental studies will be able to follow the flow of water through London's history and witness first-hand how important this vital resource has always been for its people. Contemplate high society at the Ritz during afternoon tea then walk the working class docks of Canary Wharf. Tour the streets of London tracing the path of hidden rivers and canals, visit the water well that caused the 1854 cholera epidemic, and tour the Thames River by boat.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Sociology and introductory composition course.